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Thanksgiving Isn’t Over

Tweet The turkey is gone…except for the bones that are in the freezer waiting to be reborn as turkey soup with dumplings.  (Mmmmm!)  December will be busy.  January will be wet and icy.  February’s love will be fleeting.  But I’m determined … Continue reading

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Double Thanks

Tweet All across our country people are boarding trains and airplanes, driving cars and begging rides, as families and friends get together to celebrate a country-wide thankfulness.  This is a challenging year to go out or invite in to our Thanksgiving tables.  Who … Continue reading

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Power in Hidden Figures

Tweet Some time ago Dan and I saw the movie Hidden Figures, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  It’s about three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA in the 1960s.  Did I say worked?   They were actually the … Continue reading

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An Autumn Visitor

Tweet My friend Marci was sitting on her deck, sipping a cup of just perfect coffee as she enjoyed the pallet of autumn leaves at their height of color.  She was tired, and with good cause.  She had just finished covering her patio … Continue reading

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To There and Back Again

Tweet Funny how glibly  I can say, “Oh, yes.  I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, but I’ll keep up with my posts.” Good idea. Best of intentions. So hard to accomplish. At least it is for me.  Especially when I am … Continue reading

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Seeing Is Not Believing

Tweet Dear readers:  I apologize for the half a post this morning.  I have no idea what happened, but please come back and give it a second chance.  Thank you!   “Seeing is believing.” That’s what I was always told.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Non-Farmer in the Dell

Tweet I’ve never considered myself a farmer.  Sure, I plant a garden each summer.  Even I can grow lettuce and tomatoes and green beans and such.  But a farmer?  No.  Except  when I’m watching over my sister’s place for her.  … Continue reading

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Mending Our Mosaic

Tweet I’m not into Twitter, but I must say, I really do admire a convicting point expressed in few words. Especially when those few words are expressed by someone who has earned the right to speak them.  Let me show you what I mean: … Continue reading

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My Dad, the Wisdom Keeper

Tweet According to an old Yiddish saying: “Old age, to the unlearned, is winter. But to the learned, it is harvest time.” All week that bit of wisdom has been running through my head. Yes, I do know why. It’s … Continue reading

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Reader Asks: Will Trump Put Coal Miners Back to Work?

Tweet Kentucky Blog reader Bonnie Lee wrote: “Why don’t you write about President Trump’s promise to get our coal miners back to work?”  OK, Bonnie Lee, I will.  That was a compelling campaign line, but as a promise?  Well, let’s look more closely at the … Continue reading

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