Child Sex Slaves? Just Say No!

When I was young, my parents kept foster children. One time we had a 14-year-old girl I’ll call Pamela. A bleached blond, she batted her long false eyelashes at any man she passed and smiled seductively with her deep red lips.  She came to us classified as a child prostitute, in the “business” since she was 10. A juvenile offender, only released from Juvenile Hall because it was so overcrowded. Pamela, just 2 years into her teenhood, was already ensnared in the criminal justice system.

My dad was furious.  “Her mother should be the one in prison!  And how about the man she was found with?  Why isn’t he serving time?”

Well, if Ron Wyden, D-Ore, has his way, things will change. My 93-year-old dad just may live to see the day when current day Pamelas are considered victims of abuse rather than criminals. To do otherwise, Wyden says, “Is just wrong.  It defies common sense.”

Asia Graves, a Maryland-based advocate for sexually exploited girls, understands the problem all too well.  Kicked out of her home at 16—during a Boston snowstorm, no less!—she was taken in by a kindly man.  But after a week, he informed her he was a pimp, and that she was now his property.

“There is no such thing as a child prostitute,” Asia insists.  “Because legally a child cannot consent to be sold.  No girl chooses to be a sex slave.”

Girls alone.  With no home.  Longing for comfort.  Desperate for a place to stay.  Girls like Asia.  And Pamela.

It doesn’t take long for pimps to find them.

“Girls like me are the face of the modern day slavery in America.”

Asia Graves

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Kay Marshall Strom, who am I? Well, I’m a traveler, a railer against social injustice, a passionate citizen of the world. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m a 21st century abolitionist who speaks out against slavery of all kinds. I am a beach walker and a gardener and the off-key singer of songs. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. Most people, though, know me as a writer and a speaker. So here is a bit more about that part of my life: Of my 43 published books, seventeen have been translated into foreign languages, and two have been optioned for movies. My writing credits include magazine articles, books for children, short stories, television scripts and two prize-winning screenplays. I love to write, and speak, about topics close to my heart. I speak at seminars, retreats, writer’s conferences, and special events throughout the country. And because I enjoy travel, I even speak on cruise ships. Because I don’t see how a writer can really reflect another people and land without spending time there, I’ve been trekking through India, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sudan, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, Japan and South Korea, tape recorder and camera in hand, to gather stories from the world-wide family of God. Thanks to my “virtual friendship” with John Newton, 17th century slave ship captain turned preacher, I traveled through Ireland. In West Africa I toured an old slave fortress off the coast and saw a tiny set of baby manacles bolted to the wall. I was struck dumb. From that horror came a story question, and from that question, my foray into fiction: The Grace in Africa trilogy. Come join me as I travel and rail against injustice. Maybe you will choose to be a 21st century abolitionist too.
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8 Responses to Child Sex Slaves? Just Say No!

  1. I have always found it infuriating when people accuse prostitutes and disparage them, and no one even looks at the perpetrators or those who profit. I’ve heard so many tragic stories like this. What woman in her right mind would choose it? Thank you for standing up for them.

  2. kaystrom says:

    And you too! We will stand together.

  3. Alice W. says:

    Yah!! to Ron Wyden and all others trying to put a stop to child prostitution and other things that are harming our children today. Way to go guys & gals!!.

  4. Christy Hoss says:

    Yes! A voice for those who can’t speak for themselves – More power to them! One starfish at a time :0)

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