Dance of Joy

When my daughter was at home, we had a ritual that must have looked nutty to everyone else, but it had great history and meaning to us:  Whenever we finished a project or accomplished something special, we would do “the dance of joy.”  (Ever watch Perfect Strangers?  We took our cue from Balki and Cousin Larry!)  Well, I do miss my daughter today…  I need her to do the dance of joy with me. 

Yep, book 1 of my Blessings in India trilogy has just been released!  The Faith of Ashish is available at,, in bookstores (if there are any left), and of course on my website (

“His name is Ashish. His name is Blessing. The boy is my blessing.”

Virat and Latha named their son Ashish, for he is the light and glory of their world. Yet a simple drink of water from the wrong cup changes them forever. Virat, Latha, and Ashish are Untouchables in 1905 India, members of a caste who must never contaminate the world of the other, higher, castes.

When Ashish is in desperate need of a doctor, Virat risks everything to save his son and ventures into the dangerous realm of the high caste. There, the strength of a father’s love, the power of a young British nurse, and the faith of a child change the lives around them.

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8 Responses to Dance of Joy

  1. Jeanette says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for you! I’ll keep an eye out for it and spread the word to my many bookworm friends.

    I’m happy-dancing with you in my heart :).

    Now, go celebrate!

  2. kaystrom says:

    Yay! Thanks, my friend~

  3. bjtaylorblog says:

    Sounds awesome! I’m doing the happy dance for you right here! Enjoy!

  4. Eric says:


  5. kaystrom says:

    Thank so, Eric~ I so appreciate your encouragement.

  6. Jean Stewart says:

    Fantastic, Kay, would do the dance of joy with you, if I could (and knew how). Will look forward to reading it–your description (back cover story?) draws me in–great job, dear friend.
    Love, Jean

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