Education + Contacts + Beauty = A+ Writers Conference!

Here we are at Mount Hermon’s fabulous Writers Conference.  So many wonderful memories. (Of course, I got a head start.  From the time I was 4 until I was 16, I spent every birthday at Mount Hermon.  The highlight of the best week of my year!)  But the writers conference played an even more important role in my life.  It’s where I sold my first book.  And where I learned how to write like a professional.  And where I made the contacts for just about every other one of my 43 published books.

Education, contacts, and a gorgeous setting.  Classes and workshops and mentoring opportunities, editors and agents and encouragers of every kind, all in the midst of towering redwoods, blooming dogwood trees, and showers of cherry  blossoms.

This world-famed conference is held every year the week before Easter.  If you are an aspiring writer and you missed this year, start saving your money.  Can’t wait to see you next year.

“It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.”

~J.R.R. Tolkien~

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6 Responses to Education + Contacts + Beauty = A+ Writers Conference!

  1. Jean Stewart says:

    Be still my heart…what a fabulous post, dear Kay. Saving it to read again and again and again…

  2. B.J. Taylor says:

    I miss being there among all of the beauty and knowledge. And I miss YOU and DAN (say hello for me). Next year, I hope, for hot fudge sundaes and chatting time!

  3. I am missing Mount Hermon and YOU so terribly right now, it hurts. Wishing you a glorious time — and may you be blessed even more than you could imagine.

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