Free ebook Download: The Voyage of Promise

The Triumph of Grace: Grace in Africa Book 3

Oooops!  This should Read:

The Voyage of Promise:  Grace in Africa Book 2

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Latest Review of The Triumph of Grace:

GoodBookStall Review:

I was looking forward to this final book of the trilogy but it has not been comfortable reading from the start and this is no different. Compulsive yes, you have to keep turning the pages, but this is the raw telling of what slavery meant to all who were involved in the trading of African slaves to America, as if they were animals with no human feelings, just commodities to be treated however their white masters willed. Sadly it also brings into the light how Africans treated their fellow Africans.

Grace is working in the Foundling Hospital in London, when she is arrested on false charges on the direction of her friend Charlotte’s evil husband Lord Reginald. It is an exciting development that sees her on a ship bound for America, but the avarice of an evil white man enslaves her yet again.
The title of this book is what kept my hope of a happy ending alive, but so much happens to Grace and to her husband Cabeto before then. Their separate stories are told, as are the stories of those in England and Africa that we have come to know through the previous books.
Despite my reluctance to be confronted by the issues raised, I am so glad I read this trilogy and highly recommend it.http://audioplayer/player.swf

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew (UK)










“Straight from the nightmare of the eighteenth-century African slave trade come the robust story of Grace Winslow.  A truly inspirational story that will grip your heart from start to finish.”

~Booklist Magazine~

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8 Responses to Free ebook Download: The Voyage of Promise

  1. Jean Stewart says:

    Wow, how thrilling to receive such a rich and telling review, Kay. You must be delighted. I am. I was unable to download the book free on my Kindle last time but downloaded it anyway. Eager to read it when everything with Mother’s estate and apartment is settled–no time to read anything much until then. Love to you and Congratulations!

  2. Jeanette says:

    What a beautiful cover! And the review makes me want to read the book :).
    Enjoy the rest of your day,

  3. kaystrom says:

    I so appreciate your encouragement, Jeanette. Hope you enjoy the book!

  4. Alice says:

    I notice that this one is: “The Triumph of Grace”, Book 3, i just got some info about this today and have not read any of them. I looked on ‘’ but only saw the 1 that is the same as this; book #3, i wonder if it is possible to get books # 1 & 2, as well as format for ‘Kindle’, i do not want to get & read the latest one before reading the first 2, but if i have to get it by ebook in place of Kindle then i guess i can download and then save it can’t i? Please ‘Take Care’ & let me know as i only have until 06/05 to get it free; it did not show it as free on: “ so i do not know just what i can do. Thank you for your time and trouble. Alice.

    • kaystrom says:

      Oh, my gosh, Alice, you are right! It’s book 2, The Voyage of Promise, that is free!!!
      I checked the notification I got, and it told me the wrong book!!
      Well, I will correct my proclamation right now. But to answer the rest of your question, Books 1 and 3 (The Call of Zulina and The Triumph of Graceare available as ebook downloads, but they are not free. So sorry for the misinfo! 🙁

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