Non-Farmer in the Dell

I’ve never considered myself a farmer.  Sure, I plant a garden each summer.  Even I can grow lettuce and tomatoes and green beans and such.  But a farmer?  No.  Except  when I’m watching over my sister’s place for her.  Except when I’m caring for her goats and chickens and gathering the eggs.

But even then I’m not a real farmer.  I know that for sure because I don’t know the answers to farmer-type questions.

What does  one do when an old goat dies?

What does one do when stubborn hens have a secret escape hatch and you can’t find it?

What does one do when squirrels snatch away the eggs faster than you can run from one nest to the next?

What does one do when the animals all seem to snicker at the phony farmer?

I have no idea. Which is why I know for positive sure that I should stick to lettuce and tomatoes and green beans in my own backyard.  (Okay, maybe I’ll take in a kitten, but it will have to grow up to be a city cat.)

But here’s what my short stint as a quasi farmer taught me: I can do anything I have to do.  Anything! 

And that feels really, really good.

Looks like Bugsy and Martin, who showed me how to live like someone left the gate open :)

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5 Responses to Non-Farmer in the Dell

  1. B.J. Taylor says:

    Ha! A farmer. Add that to you many talents. Way to go, Kay!

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