Top 10, and One for You… Maybe


Breaking News Flash #1:  After several  delays (nope, not my fault!) The Voyage of Promise, book 2 of the Grace in Africa trilogy, is now off the press and ready for you. 

Breaking News Flash #2: I was just notified that my hot-off-the-press book has been selected for inclusion in Booklist’s top ten Inspirational Fiction books.  The Voyage of Promise will be featured in the November 15 issue of the American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine. 

Breaking News Flash #3:  In honor of the previous two flashes, I will be giving away a signed copy of The Voyage of Promise.  My impartial husband Dan will draw the name at random from all who stop by and leave a comment .  We’ll have one drawing on this website and another on, the website built around this trilogy and dedicated to social justice and 21st century abolition.  Visit both, leave a comment on both, and double your chances of winning!

Yay!  Grace can finally move on with her life!

“Everyone who works in the domain of fiction is a bit crazy.  The problem is to render this craziness interesting.”

Francois Truffaut

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13 Responses to Top 10, and One for You… Maybe

  1. Irene says:

    Yea! I have been waiting for Grace to make an appearance. I hope I can take her with me on our Caribbean cruise.

  2. Irene says:

    Oh! pick me:D

  3. Carol says:

    Can’t wait to read the newest adventures!

  4. Eric says:


  5. Jean Stewart says:

    What great news, Kay! Can’t wait to read it and add it to my ‘Kay and Dan’s bookshelf.’ Love your heading with your books stacked up–wow!
    Love ya, Jean

  6. bjtaylorblog says:

    The cover on “The Voyage of Promise” is awesome. Congratulations on book 2!

  7. A third novel transporting a well rounded figure enduring a harsh reality to a new land!
    Well done.

  8. Danie Marie says:

    Kay my friend, you are such a prolific writer. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading any of your fiction writing and am anxious to do so. Would love to win a copy!

    Blessings on all you do,

  9. barbjan10 says:

    Hi Kay, I knew you had been following a part of my blog barbjan10 at times, but I didn’t realize you had written such interesting books. I just visited your blog and left you a comment about the zucchini. Thank you for the giveaway and for the chance to win this fascinating book. I hope I win it.

    Sharing Christ’s Love,
    Barb Shelton

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