Voyage of Promise-in the Top Ten!

Breaking News Flash:  I just learned that my hot-off-the-press book The Voyage of Promise, book 2 of the Grace in Africa trilogy, has been selected for inclusion in Booklist’s Top Ten Inspirational Fiction books.  (You may not have heard of Booklist, but every librarian in the country has, and many of them are buying and stocking books based on its recommendations.)  The Voyage of Promise will be featured in the November 15 issue of the American Library  Association’s Booklist Magazine. 

I have to say, this news does my heart good.  Sure, I want the book to do well.  I want every one of my books to do well.  What author doesn’t?  But here’s the thing:  As I was working on this idea of a series beginning on the somber Slave Coast of West Africa, editor after editor told me to forget it.  “People don’t want to read that,” one long-term editor from a well-know publishing house told me.  “That’s an era they want to forget.  Don’t go around stirring up long-forgotten problems.”

Long forgotten?  By whom?

Era from the past?  How, then, to account for the 15 million+ people who live enslaved today?

I so appreciate Barbara Scott at Abingondon Press for being willing to step outside the general consensus and take a chance on an unproven theme! 

Now I invite you to come along on Grace’s trek of terrifiying adventure.  Come and witness her horrific dawn of awareness.  Come along and see if you don’t want to be a 21st century abolitionist. 

The series is available on this site, or on

Please also visit the dedicated site, .  Feel free to simply read and ponder, or to jump up on your soapbox and speak your piece!

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