What? The Internet Isn’t Private?

Nigeria.  Women in politics.  Persecution.  Ku Klux Klan.  Breast cancer. New York Times Best sellers.  Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Weather forecast for Hawaii. Median house prices in Southern California. Air flight prices to India.

All of these are things I recently looked up on the internet.  Put them together and they tell you a fair bit about me.

Our internet searches reveal a lot, which is why internet companies know so much about us.  And now our president saddled us with a new law that lets those companies sell all that collected data to advertisers–without our permission.  And not just to advertisers, either.  They can sell to anyone.  Insurance companies, for instance, who might want to know every detail of our health history before setting a price for insurance.  Or political parties, whose calls never end.  Or potential employers who want details of our personal lives.  And what about all those who have something in their backgrounds of which they aren’t too proud?  Could this new law even open them up to blackmail?

A whole new door to our privacy has not only been thrown open, but it has been completely ripped off its hinges.  And what can we do to protect ourselves?  Not much.  Except possibly going off-line.  Which is totally unfair.

Thanks a lot!

“The future is already here;  it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

William Gibson, Novelist

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