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Good-Bye, Dad~

Tweet My dad went to heaven this week.  He was 98 and ¾ years old.  Almost 99.  Very close to 100. In the last little while he had grown very old, and was very much in a state in which he never … Continue reading

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Labor Day Blues

Tweet I’m going to call my dad and wish him a happy Labor Day.  Not that he was a big labor union man.  He certainly wasn’t.  It’s because I can’t go through a Labor Day without thinking about him. My dad … Continue reading

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On My Father’s 96th Birthday~

Tweet On my dad’s 90th birthday, his “kids” took him to Marie Callendar’s for lunch.  The 20-something waitress stood in the entryway between my dad and me, holding the menu and chatting.  Finally she said, “So, when’s the old guy going to get … Continue reading

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Writing Your Truth

Tweet It you read my blog regularly, you probably feel like you’re getting to know me. I know a lot about other writers, too.  Certainly about my writing students. That’s the power of writing. Merrianne (not her real name), a past student in one of my writing classes, is … Continue reading

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What Does Dad Want?

Tweet Christmas… birthday… Father’s Day…  What to get my dad?  The older he gets, the more he loves to open gifts, but what to put inside?  Clothes?  He has enough shirts and slippers to last him 10 years.  Food gifts? Other people … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Riddle of the Sphinx

Tweet What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening? This is the riddle the Sphinx at Thebes posed to travelers. Woe be to any who failed to solve … Continue reading

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A Gift From My Father

Tweet The one time my dad came to visit for a week, my family was living crowded into a small condominium.  For five days dad worked like a crazy person:  he tacked down the carpet, replaced the sliding back door, stopped the leak in the … Continue reading

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