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Umm…Happy Slaves? Really?

Tweet When I was little, I saw Song of the South on Disneyland on TV.  I don’t remember too much about it except that I loved it.  The main character was a raggedy black man who laughed and played with the kids and sang: “Zip-e-dee-do-dah, … Continue reading

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One Thirsty Child and a Mom

Tweet It’s hard to recognize how blessed we are when blessings are so many and so basic.  Food?  Open the refrigerator and help yourself.  Water?  Turn on the faucet.  Dreams of the future?  Ahhh, so many choices!  Anything is possible. Until someone special steps into our lives and shows … Continue reading

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National Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Month. So What?

Tweet Twenty million people would rejoice to know we’re in the midst of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  They would be overjoyed to that the United States has declared war on human trafficking.  And that we are  committed to stopping those who ply … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Nelson Mandela~

Tweet When the news came out that Nelson Mandela had breathed his last, a friend commented, “I’ve never been a great Mandela fan. But I am moved by all this.” Never a fan?  How could that be possible? For seven … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Countries

Tweet Poor Africa. Even when it booms, it suffers. You’d think that with a regional economy growth second only to Asia, the future would look rosy for the continent. (Yes, continent. Africa is not a country.  It’s a huge continent.) … Continue reading

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