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All Things Wise and Wonderful

Tweet I don’t know Caryn and I’d never met the goats at the Seattle zoo.  It was hot yesterday, and I was tired. (Two rambunctious little almost-3-year olds really keep a body running!)  The little girls ran to the petting zoo:  a cow, a miniature donkey, a Shetland pony.  … Continue reading

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Of Seeds and Tomorrows

Tweet Dan started planting our garden this week.  Well, what he actually did was plant seeds in little containers and carefully arrange them on shelves in his new portable green house. He will transplant them into the garden when they are big enough to mature on their own.  There are  pansies and … Continue reading

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Gratitude #2: Thanks for People Who Help Me Grow

Tweet One of my great blessings is friends whose lives are my great lesson books. Not in a preaching sort of way, but as living examples. I am thankful for our African friend Rene Mbongo.  When he lived with my … Continue reading

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