Thank you for your superb presentation. I felt like I had known you for years!
Lisa B.

PCC has mailed me a compilation of the evaluation forms from the Writers’ Forum, and you were the record setter.
Meredith Bruckner, Pasadena City College

Kay not only presents her topics in an outstanding way, but she opens her heart and soul as well. She is not afraid to let you in on her real life, joys, and struggles. Her humor, warmth, honesty and ability to connect enables the heart of her message to stay with you long after the event is over.
Rachel Johnston, Pastor of Women’s Ministry, Bayside Covenant Church

Truly you are very kind and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your precious time and talent. Your deep spirituality touches me.
Yolanda A.

Thank you for caring to inspire us. We listened through tears.
Wook L. (Taejun, South Korea)

Your words touched my heart to reach our women.
Keren S. M. (Trivandrum, India)

I could listen to you all day long. Your stories make clear what you say.
Chong Li, (China)

Thank you for listening to us before you talk.
Jyoti P. (Bangalore, India)

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for publishing the title “The Call of Zulina” by Kay Marshall Strom. It’s very rare to be able to find true historical fiction so this book was quite a treat for me. The preverbal food for a starving reader!
Brenda J.

Harvest of Hope has such wonderful stories. We (my daughter and I) make volunteering an important part of our life. My daughter is thinking of animal rescue this summer after reading this book.

I am reading A Caregivers Survival Guide, and it has changed my life. For the 1st time I feel that someone else truly understands.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Kay was a wonderful teacher and speaker!
Jack A.

Kay Strom’s track was far and away the most valuable part of the writer’s conference for me.
Patrick N.

A spiritual home run!
Matthew J.

The ladies are thrilled with your Bible study. We are growing in leaps and bounds and are much more open with each other, praying for one another, and sharing one another’s burdens. One lady said, “This is the absolutely best Bible Study I’ve ever done.” Thank you!

Thank you, sister, for having the desire and courage to share of your suffering so that those of us who haven’t experienced that, have something to draw from and a resource to share.
Mindy P.

Thank you for inspiring me tonight. You are genuine, humble and real. Thank you for sharing from your heart.
Dion V.

God was speaking to me today through you. I have been asking God for a mission and activism is my passion; perhaps I can combine the two.
Paul G.

Wow! Why have we never had this woman before? What an awesome and inspiring message.
Stephen B.

I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed listening to a speaker more.
Luke J.

Your words are very encouraging. I’m an Indian Christian woman, and in this society the odds are definitely against me. It was very encouraging to read your story and know that with the Lord all things are truly possible.
Subha A., Trivandrum, India

Thank you, Kay. I honestly don’t think I’d be published today if it hadn’t been for the class I took from you.
Jan T.

Kay’s teaching style is warm and friendly, organized yet casual, inspirational and motivating. She demonstrates skill in commanding attention with stories and humor, while teaching deep principles of God. Every woman responded positively to her teaching.
Cynthia H., Grace Church

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